Training und Education

In addition to our security services we offer training for your personell and your family. We want to pass on what was given to us by others after long years of training and deployment in conflict areas.

Atypical for Europe, our standarts fulfill the requierements of high-risk-areas. Short "seminars" for security personel result in the loss of lives!

Personel in your company and at home

Additional to all security means it is wise that people around you not only know the threats but also how to deal with them This applies - besides to your personal staff - to your nurse. But the other personel as well contributes important parts in recognizing threats as soon as possible and in minimizing losses in case of damage.

Security Personel

Of course we train all kinds of security specialists. From guards and drivers to bodyguards - in us everyone has a compenent partner for basic, advances and special training. We cooperate with veterans from Israeli Counter-Terror-Units and do the advances trainings mainly in Israel. Thus we can guarantee highest quality.


Chances are that your family is in danger. Don't freeze in fear or ignore it! We train you and your family in every security skill needed to survive threats.

Disabled Persons

Often physical handicaps are regarded as insurmountable barriers in selfdefense. Our experience is that nothing is farer from reality. E. g. we successfully have trained people in wheelchairs for years.
It is our approach that any person has limits one has to deal with. Because primarily we teach tactics we are able to adopt the techniques to any physical condition.