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How to... survive an Amok
How to... find the right martial art for selfedefense

How to... survive an Amok

First I want to express my deepest sympathy to those who lost loved ones because of someone running amok. It is not my intention to say they did anything wrong. I just want to do my part in preventing needless killing.

If it happens to you that you are in the middle of any shooting there isn't any time left to consider what went wrong or what you should do. There is hardly any time to react at all. So, there are three things you have to do in order to have to best chances to survive.

1) You have to have to will to survive. Do not give up! Never ever! There is only one reason to stop fighting for your survival: that is when you are dead. Do not give up before that moment!

2) Hit the ground and stay there. Do not run, scream or call the police unless the maniac is out of sight. If he cannot shoot you (for sure!!) try to find a better place to stay or to flee (maybe into a room - lock the door). But do not move as long as he can see you or may appear in the same room the next moment.
The secret is that when you are on the floor the killer most likely will not realize that you are there. He just sees what is moving.

3) Do not stand up when the police arrives. They do not know how what the killer looks like and may shoot you... Even if an officer tells you to get up and with him - do not do it. He may talk to someone next to you. Just move if he takes you with him physically.

NOTE: Try to remember those three points. Do not try to learn more about what to do, unless you are a trained police officer or civil expert. Your brain will become water and run out of your ears - you won't remember anything at all. Keep it simple!

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How to... find the right martial art for selfedefense

Well... I guess there are thousands of answers out there. Many of them read like: I do XY-Do because it is the only art that really works in a real situation. Anything else is crap.

While I think my art is the best (otherwise I would train something else) I think there is no martial art at all that is good for selfdefense. Why? Simply because the moment you need it is not good. Think about it: When you need to defend yourself many things went wrong. 99% of security is prevention. What you see in the movies (bodyguard having fun shooting the terrorists) is the worst situation security personell may be in. So, we do not talk about good or bad!

The important question is: Will I survive or not? Or, regarding the "right" technique, does the stuff work or not? E.g. will my Karate kick work better than my Judo throw? Is Taekwondo more effective than Tai Chi? The answer is: maybe. It depends on how good you are, what your physical condition is at the moment, if you are lucky enough to hit your opponent...

The answer: Train a martial art that feels good for you, train with friends, train in a nice environment. Have fun!!! It's not about the right technique. It's about the right tactics (see my next post). Stay healthy, alert and don't become paranoid. That's what makes your martial art the better one.

Take care!

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